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Dice Dojo Hosts WizKids Open

Dice Dojo was proud to host the 3 day WizKids Open earlier this month. The event drew over 300 gamers from all over the Midwest.

Three Premiere Events included: HeroClix Nationals Qualifier, Star Trek: Attack Wing Nationals Qualifier, and Marvel Dice Masters Nationals Qualifier.

The Prize Pack included:

  • 2014 Marvel HeroClix Zombie Galactus Convention Exclusive Figure

  • 2014 DC HeroClix War of Light Black & White Power Batteries Pack

  • 2014 DC HeroClix Black Lantern Anti-Monitor Convention Exclusive Figure

  • 2014 DC HeroClix Resurrection Man Convention Exclusive Figure

  • 2014 Marvel HeroClix Impossible Man Convention Exclusive Figure

  • A Marvel Dice Masters Avengers vs X-Men Gravity Feed Display

  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Deep Space Nine Upgrade Card Pack





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