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The Dojo supports more gaming organizations than any other store in Chicago. The groups below hold regular events in our shop. New members are invited to join.

Chicago Game Lovers

Games mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But one thing they have in common is bringing people together. Chicago Game Lovers, created and maintained by Melissa Fichter, is dedicated to games of all types, and creating opportunities to get together and play them! We organize over 40 events each month for our more than 800 members. Providing opportunities to get together, have fun, share experiences, and meet new friends.

Dice Dojo: Hero Clix League

Facebook Group

Saturdays and Tuesdays we have an informal group of Heroclix players who play matches of all point totals. Both single and multi-player games happen weekly. We have a good mix and new and veteran players and anyone is welcome. Also we have a vast supply of league prizes so any group of 4 or more may have tournaments ANY week.

Dice Dojo: Magic Players

Facebook Group

Keep on the latest Magic the Gathering news and events. This group is constantly talking strategy and discussing both casual and competitive events here at Dice Dojo. Events are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Dice Dojo: RPG Players

Facebook Group

The staff here at Dice Dojo are committed to role playing games of all types. Keep up with our in store events and discuss your favorite games. Find that extra gamer you need to fill out a group!

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